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Wheatleys of Yorkshire

Product photography project for a great local honey mead brand.


Helping Startups

In late 2019, Oliver Wheatley left his full time job and took the risk of turning his mead-making hobby into a viable business. Fast forward to today, and he has his own local brewery, and a variety of honey mead flavours, as well as a healthy growing popularity. I noticed Oli lacked any real photography, and offered to help him shed new light on his brand the way it deserved. 


The Brief

I started by pulling together a mood board on Pinterest to gather ideas, and after agreeing on a format, began preparations for props and studio setup. Oli wanted something different to the typical Nordic styles that many of his competitors adopt. I decided to go for something dark, incorporating the homemade feel, as well as keeping it classy enough to keep the brand very adult. 


Crafted with care

Accompanying some new lifestyle product photos and videos, I also visited the Meadery for some profile shots of the owners, as well as to sample some of the delicious honey mead of course. The whole project wrapped up fairly quickly, and I am very grateful to be a part of the Wheatley's of Yorkshire Journey so early on, and wish them all the best for the future.